Accessing the free funding for all 3 and year old children will widen children's experiences and opportunities getting them ready for school.


And welcome to the wonderful world of "The Growing and Knowing Preschool", where our children and staff together, love to "laugh and learn".

The fact that you are reading this site would lead us to believe that you are looking for a childcare setting for your Child(ren), a setting where you can be confident in the knowledge that your children are safe, cared for, educated, and encouraged to be the best that they can possibly be. As we say within the setting, "Children should have big dreams, because one day they will all grow into them" and it is a philosophy that we firmly standby here at "The Growing and Knowing".

"The Growing and Knowing Preschool" was established in 2008 by the current owners Kerry and Wayne Millington, with one aim, to provide a professional and affordable childcare facility whilst also maintaining a very family based orientation within the setting.

As a setting, and for our children attending, we aim to provide the highest possible childcare standards available, and continually strive to raise the improvement bar as high as we can, through adopting this ethos we were recognised in November 2014 by OFSTED and awarded with our OFSTED OUTSTANDING award.

Though we fully appreciate and welcome this recognition, we are under no illusions, and firmly believe that this is merely the first step on the ladder, and that we must constantly strive to maintain and exceed our own expectations as well as the expectations of the parents and carers of the children that attend our setting.

For anyone who is interested in their child attending The Growing & Knowing Pre-school we set up a free trial hour for the children to visit with their parents before coming in on their own. Please contact us if you wish for your child to join our waiting list to attend The Growing & Knowing Pre-school.

Children are eligible to start Pre-school when their parents feel the time is right. Most parents choose to keep their children at The Growing & Knowing Pre-School until they join the Reception Class at school.


Our aim is to provide an environment which meets each child's individual needs. The preschool is divided into three rooms Ladybirds age 0-2.  Butterflies age 2-3. Bumblebees age 3-5. Activities are provided which are appropriate to their ages and developmental needs.

If a child finds the progression to Pre-School difficult and is distressed, we will work closely with parents to find the best solution for each individual by following our settling in policy.